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While Ted has been practicing Buddhism in various forms for most of his life, it is an adjunct to his style of therapy and does not define it. His  theoretical orientation is Heinz Kohut's Self Psychology, a psychodynamic object-relations model that is based on empathy. Providing compassionate understanding cements the joining process, builds trust and paves the way for effective transformation.   

Ted takes a transpersonal approach to psychotherapy, honoring the spiritual nature of life on our planet and works existentially to promote spiritual and emotional health via integration.‚Äč

Ted received his B.S. in psychology from Emerson College and then enjoyed myriad life experiences, including a meditation practice in the Tibetan tradition and a twelve year career as a club and radio disc jockey. In 1999, he earned his M.S. in counseling psychology from Dominican University.

Ted is a contracted provider for MHN and MHN Government Services, and has worked in various locations in Europe and the United States providing support to military returning from Iraq and Afghanistan including those that were victimized by Hurricane Katrina. For MHN, he counseled both military and families suffering from the wide range of issues that stem from being in the military by providing short term, solution focused problem solving support.

Work History

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Ted is also trained in IBP, integrative body psychotherapy which looks at how the body can store emotions and how they can be released. He can utilize cognitive behavioral interventions when appropriate as well as other orientations when indicated. His eclectic toolbox has been effective in working with a wide variety of issues. He has completed certification in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and can respond to crisis needs at business and industrial concerns.