Depression is considered to be a stable state. It sinks down into us and gets really comfortable and doesn't want to leave and eventually we become fearful  of what might happen if we were no longer depressed. 

It is often said that the greatest treatment for depression is exercise because it is thought that when we are depressed, it's a result of the body "shutting down" when it can no longer tolerate negative emotions. 

Cutting edge theory from Harvard University Neuroscience has come up with some wonderful, basic interventions that can impact the neurotransmitters in the brain, much like how anti-depressants work, but hitting all four feel-good neurotransmitters, not just Serotonin or Dopamine. They often work very well for mild to moderate depression, and if not, sometimes a referral to psychiatry for a medication assessment is a prudent next step. 

Of course, the goal of medication is to get off of medication, and that's where psychotherapy comes in. The medication provides emotional compression that allows us to address the negative emotions that triggered the depression originally. 

Working with Depression

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