When a loved one dies, or we are struck with a loss such as a divorce, relationship break-up or even geographical distancing from someone we love, it can be construed as a traumatic event which can trigger a grief reaction. When this happens, our world is turned upside-down and we don't know where to turn. Therapy can be a very successful tool to help a person that is grieving get back on their feet, express painful feelings and begin the path of integration back into mainstream life. Often, there is a re-evaluating, or restructuring as we confront our own lives and redefine ourselves as people. Grief experiences tend to be unique, as people and relationships are.    Certainly there are common threads that many people experience but as to length of time or intensity, these issues tend to vary. For that reason, most books that address the issues involved with grief and loss  tend to oversimplify and those grieving end up feeling shortchanged. In therapy, individual grief processes are honored and we take a 'start where you are' approach. In this way, the loved one is honored and the grief is honored as an expression of love and loss.

Grief and Loss

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