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Recovery from Addictions

Sculpture from Florence, Italy

Those that are dealing with recovery issues are in a unique position in our society. They work especially hard to return to the mainstream. The wreckage of the past needs to be addressed and resolved, addictive behaviors and desires need to acknowledged and curbed and a healthy stance needs to be created and integrated for successful recovery.

When we realize that we for whatever reason have developed an addictive nature to our personality (including alcohol issues), it takes time to develop strategies to begin a healthy way of life. Whatever the addictive substance, whether it is drugs, alcohol, sex, people, love or another manifestation, milieu therapies combined with individual counseling is the most successful modality for ensuring the embarkation upon a healthier way of life.

In therapy, clients will address developmental issues that led to deficits of the self that created the fragmentation that caused the need to use and thus, effectively exit the family system. Many  will have over time, devalued themselves as a result of disintegration of families or quality of life. This is an issue that is integral to the development of a new, healthier way of life and is addressed in the course of treatment. Clients will develop behavioral strategies that will minimize the chance of relapse and will get ongoing support in order to gain a length of sobriety.