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Short and Long Term Psychotherapy

 Ted has extensive experience working with most forms of depression, anxiety, acute and post traumatic stress as well as bi-polar and obsessive-compulsive disorders, behavioral issues and many forms of  dysfunction.

    Short term work includes altering destructive behaviors, tuning up self esteem issues, relationships and initial grief and loss work.

    Long term work includes depth therapy where major changes are desired, existential shifting due to loss or recovery, and recovery from addictions are a few examples if issues that can trigger the desire or need for a long term work.

   Of course, the duration of treatment cannot be determined in advance, and is based on the manner in which therapy progresses session by session. All estimates are non-binding, and recovery is based on the client's ability to be self-aware and work on their issues. 

   Ted welcomes referrals and is always happy to consult with other professionals.

Photo taken at the DeCordova

Outdoor Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Massachusetts